Express Global Employment Solutions for Your International Workforce.
Project Lifetime Unconditional Guarantee.

Acumen International – a global Professional Employer Organization (PEO), a pioneer of Express Global Employment (EGE) solution

Founded in 2001, Acumen International has become a global provider of international employment services with headquarters in London, UK and a shared service center in Kiev, Ukraine. We provide international PEO services to multinational and local companies to help them operate in 150+ countries around the globe in a faster and simpler way, and with no employment risks, which is through international workforce employment instead of own foreign infrastructure setup.

Using Acumen International global PEO and compliance solutions, you can have skillful employees and valuable project teams working for you or your client in any country where you are not established, a sales manager exploring a new market or temporary workforce fulfilling the project of any complexity or duration.

International PEO solutions for small to medium and large businesses. No company setup

We support any size manufacturing, FMCG, IT/Telecom, service companies and non-profit organizations by helping them enter global markets and grow internationally through hiring and retaining the best global talent instead of setting up their own foreign subsidiaries and representative offices.

Whether you aim to start selling your product in the new markets or need to serve your customers or administer your global IT talent on-site, Acumen International team is here to help you with the fastest and yet fully compliant solution.

Have your international employees legally working for you all over the world in no time

Acumen International has spotted our clients’ key need for time-critical, urgent employment of their international workforce and elaborated our innovative Express Global Employment solutions to meet this need. We provide the fastest Professional Employer Organization services in 150+ countries to our clients and employ their global workforce on their behalf within days, not months.

Partnership offer: work with Acumen International to expand your global PEO services to new geographic markets

We welcome international PEO and payroll / Employer of Record companies like us as well as contractor recruiting and staffing agencies to partner with us to immediately respond to your clients’ need for global workforce employment anywhere they go. With us covering over 150 countries across the globe, you can extend your offering to the clients almost anywhere in the world.

Speed is a serious benefit of using Acumen International services. We are the only PEO services provider that can have your clients’ international personnel employed in an “urgent” manner with unrivalled speed. This helps you serve your clients in time-critical cases.

Unprecedented Guarantee

We give a Project Lifetime Unconditional Guarantee. Last month Acumen fees are refunded if you are not satisfied with our performance.

Click for Country Payroll Calculation & Our Quotes

Send us a request and we provide you with a detailed breakdown of the payroll costs in any of the requested countries and our quotes within 24 hours.

Contact Acumen International to get more information on how our global PEO services can help you succeed.

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