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Acumen International – a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Our company is a SINGLE REGIONAL EMPLOYMENT SOLUTIONS PROVIDER in 33 countries in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union plus Central Asia since 2001.

Instant Benefit from New Geographic Markets

As an International PEO, Employer of Record, Staffing and Global Expansion Company or Contractor Recruitment Agency you can partner with us to employ your clients’ remote personnel in any chosen country of our region.

Add 33 new countries to your business offering through one agreement with our UK company and get an immediate access to our local infrastructure.

Provide more value to your clients and increase your own income.

Learn more how our Exclusive Partnership Offer can help you grow your business.

Immediate Global Employment for Your Remote Personnel

As a Company Willing to Employ Remote Personnel without Own Legal Entity, you can immediately hire your own workforce in any country in our region.

Get competitive advantage by instant global expansion with minimum costs and full business support for your remote personnel without your own local legal entity setup.

Learn more how our Exclusive Partnership Offer can help you grow your business.

Extra Income for PEO Brokers and Agents

Connect us with the companies in need of global employment solutions in our region and get your commissions on your terms*.

Learn more how our Exclusive Partnership Offer can help you grow your business.

Unprecedented Guarantee

You will receive an UNPRECEDENTED GUARANTEE in the whole employment industry. We guarantee you that your clients’ personnel are paid correctly and on time. If we delay a payday even for 1 day, you receive a full 100% fee refund for that period.

Our Quotes and Payroll Costs Breakdown

Send us a request and we provide you with our quotes and a detailed breakdown of the payroll costs in any chosen country within 24 hours.

Contact us to get more information on how we can help you successfully grow your international business.

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